Canmore Weather   Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

Not like your typical waterfalls, the Bow Falls is wide and short. You might feel some mist from the waterfalls during the mid-summer due to the high water levels. You can also see the valley that was eroded by glacier activity and the Bow river over the years.

Across the bridge from the town turn left onto Spray Avenue, then take a left on Bow Falls drive, you will see parking on the left soon. You may not see the falls from parking lot yet, get closer to the water and you can’t miss it. The waterfalls are to your left and the valley straight ahead of you.

Late afternoon or even evenings will be quietest times to visit here. There is a trail that you can walk on from the town. Basically walk along the south side of the river after the bridge towards the East. There will be a sign.